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Daily Intuitive Horoscopes

with Ghazaleh Lowe

Each day, the Intuitive Horoscopes help every-day people realise the power that’s available to them from the here and now.

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We’d love you to join our Bondi Guru community. It gives us the chance to get together on various group calls or coaching sessions, and collectively deepen our connection to the now; and each other.


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At Bondi Guru, we support you to deepen your connection to this moment and rise into who you truly are. 

We do this through the Intuitive Horoscopes and facilitation programs, which have been personally created by Bondi Guru’s founder, Ghazaleh Lowe. Everything that Bondi Guru offers is here to guide you on your journey of knowing yourself.

Subscribe to the Intuitive Horoscopes, tune in to our weekly podcasts and why not check out the Star Sign Membership Packages for an empowering and practical experience. 

The more you immerse yourself in what supports your growth and evolution, the more connected to the here and now you’ll be.


Bondi Guru’s founder, Ghazaleh Lowe, hosts two incredible podcast series, and they’ll both support you on your journey of self-awareness.

Listen to the latest Bondi Guru Podcasts released each week. Each podcasts covers a different topic of self-awareness and consciousness.