Membership - Platinum

Membership - Platinum

495.00 every month

Here is what Platinum Membership entitles you to:

3 x Intuitive one on one session with me each month 30mins

Monthly Star Sign Coaching Audio

A recording that runs for approximately 25 minutes with information about the month you are entering. I talk about what to look out for, dates, how to make sure you are prepared for the month. I’ll discuss empowerment and how that relates to your Star Sign. 

Live Star Sign Coaching Group each month

Live video group conferences where I’ll elaborate further on the month you are in. I’ll talk about the traits and characteristics of your star sign and how it impacts your choices and your life altogether. It’s also a Q&A session so you are free to ask as many questions as you like during our time, and you get to meet other members and we’ll have open discussions about where you are at in your life and I’ll offer support if required. 

Your Star Sign Audios

Recorded information about each star sign throughout the year sent to you.  The Traits and Characteristics Audio is a great example of this amazing addition.

Please note 1 audio per person 

Ongoing 70% off Discounts.

All Gold Members receive 70% off all sessions and programs that are facilitated by Bondi Guru. 

These discounts cover:

  • Extra 1 on 1 Intuitive Sessions ( $250 for non-members and $75 for members. Save $175.)

  • The Intuition Course. ( $1800 for non-members and only $540 for members. Save $1260.)

  • And some upcoming programs about intuition and self-awareness.

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