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Have you listened to our podcast yet? You really should.

Bondi Guru’s founder, Ghazaleh Lowe, hosts two incredible podcast series, and they’ll both support you on your journey of self-awareness.

Chit Chat with Bondi Guru

In this series, Ghazaleh sits down to discuss a topic related to self-awareness and intuition. These episodes provide practical guidance and wisdom that’ll support you to deepen your connection to the here and now. She’ll remind you why it’s important to feel empowered by your day-to-day choices and help you to realise what it means to be in your power.

Have a topic you’d like Ghazaleh to discuss? Send your requests to,

Conversations with Clients

Conversations with Clients is an insight into the lives of clients who are subscribers of the Intuitive Horoscopes or have been facilitated by Ghazaleh Lowe. In each episode, Ghazaleh chats to her client on their experience and the impact her work has had on their life. 

Eager to enrol in upcoming programs, sign up to a Star Sign membership or work 1 to 1 with Ghazaleh? These conversations are your sneak preview!

If you’ve worked with Ghazaleh or love the Intuitive Horoscopes and would like to share your experience on the series, email



Latest Releases




Keep up to date with the Latest podcast releases

Follow us on iTunes or Spotify