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I am truly grateful that I get to spend my time writing these Intuitive Horoscopes…

…and sharing it with as many people as possible across the globe. I spend most of my time writing, recording, and filming the Intuitive Horoscopes and some days there are just not enough hours to get the words out and on the best possible platforms.

My intention has always been that the words from the Intuitive Horoscopes impact even if one person to be present and make choices that are in alignment with their truth, their heart and from that space the world and the planet is impacted positively.

All being said, I have had many people asking if they can donate to the Intuitive Horoscopes as a thank you, as they are free and will always remain free.

The funds from these appreciation payments go towards supporting myself and my team to ensure that the Intuitive Horoscopes have a bigger reach and impact, support and inspire as many people as possible to live their best life.

I appreciate your subscription to the Intuitive Horoscopes, your feedback, your energy, your time and your sharing of these words with those you love also.

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